Welcome to my princess website.

In every vintage car is a princess. Every vintage car is a princess. The beauty and shine are worth to own such a jewel.


Do you need an vintage car for a special occasion? There are different options.


Photo shootings, birthdays, weddings, exhibitions, advertisements, bachelor party, TV and many more.  

You can rent my princess.



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Do you want to give something special to a loved one, friend, or acquaintance?


Do you need an vintage car for TV, or a company advertising event?


Do you dream of being chauffeured to your wedding by a princess?

Photo shooting

Are you planning a photo shoot and you would like to use an vintage car as an accessory?

Wonderful, then you are right on my website!


About us

... it was once in 1967 when a VW Beetle was born in Wolfsburg. Oh no not just any VW Beetle, a Beetle that became a Princess. Let yourself be surprised and read on ...



All the beautiful things we already discovered together



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​Silvia Angerler

6312 Steinhausen

Tel: 076 831 38 95



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