In August 1967, the VW Beetle was imported into Switzerland by AMAG Schinznach-Bad.

Jakob Bauer bought the VW Beetle in March 1970 and put into service for the first time. He drove the chic car until November 1984.

After which, the little beetle stood around in the VW/Porsche Hans Kuhn garage for 7 years.

Giovanni Pellegrino then restored the Beetle from May 2001 to September 2002. Parts were replaced, the paintwork was completely refreshed and here and there the work was lovingly done and embellished. Giovanni Pellegrino drove a few nice tours until he had to sell the Beetle for space reasons.

Giovanni advertised in the animal world and quickly found a buyer.

Jörg Tschudy bought the beautiful beetle on 26 August 2008 for my 30th birthday.

For 11 years she has been my Princess, with pride I am the 3rd owner of this cult vehicle. Therefore, I am very happy if the Princess and I can chauffeur you on your most beautiful day.

Noble Princessy greetings